TAFE NSW Engineering Courses and Fees

Course NameIntakeDurationFeesCampus
Telecommunications Engineering Technology (Network Engineering) -
Certificate IV
Feb, Jul0.5 Year$13,080.00Lidcombe
Telecommunications Engineering (Networking) - DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$10,040.00Lidcombe
Mobile Plant Technology - Certificate IIIFeb1.5 Year$19,530.00Kuri Kuri
Civil Construction Design - DiplomaFeb, Jul1.5 Year$16,470.00Ultimo
Civil Construction Design - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$11,770.00Ultimo
Electronics and Communications - Certificate IVFeb1.5 Year$22,290.00Ultimo
Electronics and Communications Engineering – Diploma (From Cert IV)Jul0.5 Year$7,430.00Ultimo
Electronics and Communications Engineering - DiplomaFeb, Jul2 Years$29,720.00Granville
Engineering - Technical - DiplomaFeb, Jul1 Year$13,700.00Ultimo
Engineering Mechanical - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul1.5 Year$22,550.00Ultimo, Granville
Engineering Technology - Electrical - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul2 Years$27,000.00Ultimo, Granville
Engineering Technology - Electronics - Advanced DiplomaFeb2 Years$25,010.00Ultimo
Applied Engineering (Renewable Energy Technologies) - Associate DegreeFeb, Jul2 Years$34,400.00Ultimo
Maritime Operations (Engineer Watchkeeper) - DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$12,470.00Newcastle
Maritime Operations (Marine Engineering Class 1) - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul1 Year$14,000.00Newcastle
Maritime Operations (Marine Engineering Class 2) - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul1 Year$14,210.00Newcastle
Maritime Operations (Watchkeeper Deck) - DiplomaFeb, Jul1 Year$19,670.00Newcastle
Note: Courses fees listed are indicative only. Please contact us to get up-to-date course fees.

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