TAFE NSW Business Courses and Fees

Course NameIntakeDurationFeesCampus
Accounting - Certificate IVFeb, Jul*0.5 Year$7230
Shellharbour, Ultimo,
Granville, Meadowbank, St Leonards, Wollongong
Accounting - Diploma
Feb, Jul
0.5 Year$7950
,Meadowbank, St Leonards, Ultimo
Accounting - Advanced Diploma
Feb, Jul
0.5 Years$9940
Applied Commerce - Diploma
Feb, Jul
1 Year$18000
, Granville, Ultimo
Applied Commerce - Accounting Major - Bachelor Degree
Feb, Jul3 Years$44160
Granville, Meadowbank, St George , Ultimo
Applied Commerce - Financial Planning Major - Bachelor DegreeFeb, Jul3 Years$44160
Granville, Meadowbank, St George Ultimo
Business -Certificate IVFeb, Apr, Jul, Sep0.5 Year$6030
Liverpool, Ultimo, Granville, Meadowbank, Newcastle
Business - DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$6,820.00Liverpool, Ultimo, Granville, Meadowbank, Newcastle
Business - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$7,740.00Ultimo, Granville, Meadowbank, Newcastle
Business - Bachelor DegreeFeb, Jul3 Years$44,160.00St Leonards, Ultimo, Granville,
Business Administration - Certificate IIIFeb, Jul0.5 Year$6,220.00Liverpool, Wollongong, Bega, Blacktown, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Ultimo
Business Administration - Certificate IVFeb, Jul0.5 Year$6,380.00Liverpool, Wollongong, Bega, Kingscliff, Newcastle, Ultimo
Business Administration - DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$7,010.00Liverpool, Blacktown,
International Trade - Certificate IVFeb, Jul0.5 Year$5,980.00Meadowbank, Ultimo
International Business- DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$7,470.00Meadowbank, Ultimo
Leadership and Management - Certificate IVFeb, Jul0.5 Year$6,940.00Meadowbank, Newcastle, Granville
Leadership and Management - DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$9,100.00Meadowbank, Granville, St George
Leadership and Management - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$9,310.00St George
New Small Business - Certificate IVFeb, Jul0.5 Year$6,440.00Ultimo, Meadowbank
Human Resources - Certificate IVFeb, Jul0.5 Year$6,620.00Ultimo, Meadowbank
Human Resource Management - DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$8,030.00Ultimo, Meadowbank, Newcastle
Management (Human Resources) - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$7,740.00Ultimo, Meadowbank, Newcastle
Marketing and Communication - Certificate IVFeb, Jul0.5 Year$6,680.00Meadowbank, Newcastle
Marketing and Communication - DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$13,220.00Meadowbank
Marketing and Communication - DiplomaFeb, Jul1 Year$13,220.00Ultimo
Marketing and Communication - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$9,210.00Ultimo
Aviation (Cabin Crew) - Certificate IIIFeb, Jul0.5 Year$8,500.00wollongbar, Kingsliff
Guiding - Certificate IVFeb, Jul0.5 Year$8,340.00Ultimo
Events - Certificate IIIFeb, Jul0.5 Year$6,940.00Hamilton, Northern Beaches, Ryde, Wollongong
Events Management- DiplomaFeb, Jul1 Year$12,500.00Ultimo, Wollongong
Events Management- Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul1.5 Year$12,500.00Wollongong
Event Management - Certificate III & DiplomaFeb, Jul1 Year$12,500.00Kingscliff, Hamilton, Ourimbah, Port Macquarie, Ryde, Wollongbar
Tourism - Certificate IIIFeb, Jul0.5 Year$6,830.00Northern Beaches, Ryde, Ultimo
Travel - Certificate IIIFeb, Jul0.5 Year$7,730.00Kingscliff, Northern Beaches, Port Macquarie, Ryde, Ultimo, Wollongbar, Wollongong
Travel and Tourism Management - DiplomaFeb, Jul1 Year$11,010.00Kingscliff, Northern Beaches, Port Macquarie, Ryde, Ultimo, Wollongbar, Hamilton, Ourimbah, Bankstown
Travel and Tourism Management - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul0.5 Year$7,950.00Ultimo
Travel and Tourism Management - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul1.5 Year$16,600.00Bankstown, Wollongong
Hospitality - Certificate IIIFeb, Jul0.5 Year$7,460.00Wollongbar, Port Macquarie
Hospitality - Certificate IVFeb, Jul0.5 Year$8,540.00Kingswood
Hospitality - Certificate IVFeb, Jul1 Year$8,540.00Wollongbar, Port Macquarie
Hospitality Management - DiplomaFeb, Jul1 Year$14,250.00Wollongbar, Port Macquarie, Ryde, Ultimo, Campbelltown
Hospitality Management - Advanced Diploma (From Dip)Feb, Jul0.5 Year$7,120.00Ultimo, Campbelltown
Hospitality Management - Advanced DiplomaFeb, Jul1.5 Year$20,910.00Ryde, Ultimo
Hospitality and Events - DiplomaFeb, Jul1.5 Year$21,740.00Ultimo
Hospitality Management and Certificate III in Commercial Cookery - DiplomaFeb, Jul1.5 Year$23,330.00Ultimo, Ryde, Wollongong
Hospitality Management and Certificate III in Commercial Cookery – Diploma

Feb, Jul2 Years$23,330.00Hamilton, Port Macquarie
Hospitality includes Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery - DiplomaFeb, Jul2 Years$28,700.00Hamilton, Port Macquarie
Hospitality Management and Certificate III in Commercial Cookery - Advanced
Feb, Jul2 Years$27,940.00Wollongong
Hospitality Management and Certificate IV Commercial Cookery - Advanced
Feb, Jul2 Years$32,930.00Ultimo, Kingswood, Ryde
Patisserie - Certificate IIIFeb0.5 Year$12,910.00Ryde
Patisserie - Certificate IVFeb, Jul1 Year$18,860.00Hamilton, Ryde
Hospitality Management and Certificate III in Patisserie - DiplomaFeb, Jul1.5 Year$27,160.00Ryde
Retail Baking (Combined) - Certificate IIIFeb, Jul1 Year$14,610.00Hamilton, Ultimo, Ryde
Surveying and Spatial Information Services - Certificate IIIFeb0.5 Year$9,470.00Ultimo
Surveying - Certificate IVJul0.5 Year$10,370.00Ultimo
Surveying - DiplomaJul1 Year$22,710.00Ultimo
Note: Courses fees listed are indicative only. Please contact us to get up-to-date course fees.

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