This isWhy study Law and Criminilogy?

Studying law allows you to learn a range of skills for modern society and the opportunity to indulge the beauty of human life and history of social science. Studying law provides you the chances to cultivate your critical thinking and reasoning skill. It enhances your understanding about the governance of the society and community, trading and banking, government and politics.

If you want to know more about how government uses law to govern the activities of the society then Law study is your choice. If you are fond of developing abstract thinking, critical thinking, strong reasoning and pragmatic problem solving skills, then Law study is your choice.

Benefits of studying Law and Ciminology

Law foundation can combine with other academic studies

Many courses enable students to combine their legal studies with business or accounting, and by combining law with a range of non-law degrees.

Wide range of career options

If you do not wish to become a qualified lawyer, you can apply your law knowledge in corporate and politics as well. You may work as a law adviser for public media, public social media, research organisation, financial institutes and many more.

Financial stability

Obtaining a law degree may not guarantee immediate success or an exceedingly large amount of money. However, this profession does not affect wildly by the up and down of the economy. It allows you to have a stable job and higher income. How much you can earn depends on your knowledge, skills and experience.

You will be the guru of critical thinking and strong reasoning

Law graduates are trained to analyse things from multiple viewpoints for a complex situations or cases, derive the best solutions or arguments backed by strong reasoning and critical thinking.

You will have a respectful and prestige profession 

Many law graduates are successful in various industries and more became world leaders who are highly respected. The job is not easy but those who uphold justice are most deserving of respect.

Australian Law and Criminology Related Programs

  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice
  • Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

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